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Why Consistent Branding Is Important

What is brand consistency?

In simple terms – brand consistency is when your brand looks, communicates, and acts the same throughout every marketing channel. This could include email newsletters, social media posts, content design, copywrite – even aspects of a physical store and outside promotions. You can tell a brand is using consistent branding when it is easily recognizable. Brands work hard to create an image for themselves, and by showing consistency they can ensure that image is being remembered. It doesn’t matter where your brand is being viewed, it should leave the audience with the same overall experience.

Why do I need consistent branding?

Consistency within a brand creates memorable interactions. Repetition is the most efficient way to help people to remember something – the more they see it something the more it’s going to stick with them. Brand recognition and brand consistency directly correlate to one another. When an audience continues to see more of your brand, they start to build trust. You promote dependability by being consistent. Having trust between your brand and your audience creates a unified relationship. People are also more likely to buy a product from brand that they have previously seen or heard about. All these factors of brand consistency connect and work together to create a positive awareness for your brand.

How to maintain brand consistency?

When building your brand, creating a mission statement is beneficial to help others understand the direction you want to grow in. It creates an outline and tells a story of what your brand is. The direction can be a starting point in forming guidelines for your brand to follow. Brand guidelines are important in maintaining consistency because they specify things along the lines of what color palette to use and how the tone of voice should sound. Establishing these guidelines will create a sense of familiarity that the audience can easily identify back to the brand. Whenever you can, include your logo. Your logo is the first thing the audience will associate your brand with, so it needs to follow your brand guidelines. It’s also important to have a cohesive presence of your brand online and offline. Maintaining an “on-brand” image can be simple with a clear set of rules you want your brand to follow.

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