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Why You Need a Brand Kit

What do you have in your brand kit? Oh, you don’t know what that is? Allow us to elaborate. A brand kit is essential for the credibility and recognizability of your brand. Your business should be easily identifiable for your audience and prospective customers. Read on to get the details on brand identity kits.

What is a brand kit?

A brand kit contains tools that make your brand recognizable to your audience. These tools work together to be visually cohesive and can serve as a resource for your marketing efforts. Building your brand kit is the first step to establishing brand consistency. Your branding kit should represent your brand and help you stand out from your competition. A brand kit provides a visual foundation that can help create a cohesive look and feel for a website, social media channels, and other efforts. It’s the first element people see when they encounter your company, setting the tone for everything you do as a business.

Why you need a brand kit

You need a brand kit for your business. There are no questions about that. Having an established brand kit means that any visual media you create aligns with your brand identity. A recognizable brand identity is a win for your business and customers who enjoy your product or services. If you use a graphic designer, your brand kit gives them the information they need to create content that works with your existing media. The brand elements within a kit will dictate the design and execution of social media posts, emails, business cards, website pages, and other traditional and digital marketing assets. Creating consistent, familiar content makes you more credible with your audience.

Elements of a brand kit

Your brand kit will need a few key tools to help you build your brand identity. Here are three fundamental elements you need for the most basic brand kit:

  • Logo – (picture of NUVO logo)
  • Color palette – (picture of NUVO color palette)
  • Typography – (example of NUVO fonts)

(Piece these out as examples)


There are other resources you can include in your brand kit, such as:

  • Contact information
  • Photography guidelines
  • Templates

How to build a brand kit

There are several tools you can use to build your brand kit. At Nuvo, we use brand kits to ensure social media management aligns seamlessly with your business. Consider these before you nail down your brand identity kit:

  • Define your brand story
  • Identify your mission statement
  • Determine your brand voice
  • Create a range of logo variations for different projects


Your brand kit is going to require time and thought. It deserves that! Your brand kit should serve as a foundation for future efforts, so it should be comprehensive.

What can Nuvo do for you?

Our team at the Nuvo Agency can help your business build a brand kit if you don’t have one already. Brand identity is at the heart of your business, and we take that seriously. Your audience may have expectations when it comes to your digital presence. We want them to recognize you quickly. Interested in what else Nuvo can do for your business? Give us a call today