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What is a buyer persona?

When implementing marketing strategies, you want to be sure that you reach an audience that is most likely to interact with your business. Dive deeper into understanding who your target audience is by creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona, or a customer persona, is a character description of what an ideal customer of yours would be like. This character represents your target audience based on a comprehensive outline of personality traits, behaviors, motivations – and is detailed as if it were a real person. You can find information to help form your buyer persona with research, interviews, and surveys. The goal of building this persona is to make sure your marketing efforts align with the interests of your desired audience.

Why is a buyer persona important?

Creating a buyer persona helps guide sales, influence market strategies, and direct content creation. When you can understand who you are trying to reach, what they do, and how they think, you can shift your business goals to focus on their wants and needs. Paint the picture of who exactly those potential customers are and determine what aspects of their personality and day-to-day life would attract them to your business. A buyer persona only adds to the importance of personalized marketing. Customers are attracted to a company that feels less like a business and more like a person. You can create a specific character who represents your buyers and attach a persona to them. Once the character is established, you can tailor your messaging and content to complement their behavior and lifestyle features.

How to build a buyer persona

A buyer persona can be short and sweet or go into great detail. Primary criteria for creating this character will include:

  • Demographics: age, income, location, gender identity
  • Background information: education, job position, income, family, hobbies
  • Goals: What is important to them? What motivates them?
  • Challenges: What are their roadblocks? What concerns do they have when making purchasing decisions?

To establish a more in-depth character, some additional features to develop are:

  • Day in the life: What does a typical day look like for this character? Are they an early bird or a night owl? Do they have children to monitor, or are they flying solo? Determining these attributes will provide you with a better understanding of your customer’s routine and how you can position your marketing to reach them at the perfect time.
  • Personality traits: Is this character more of an introvert or an extrovert? Do they tend to be more organized and particular or go-with-the-flow? These traits impact their behaviors and will give you insights on how to speak and interact with them to form a connection.
  • Social media presence: How do they consume content? How active are they online? What platforms do they use frequently? Understanding your customer’s status regarding social media is one of the most critical aspects in planning your digital marketing.


Building a customer persona is unique to your business. It displays an outline of your target audience to reference back to when implementing your marketing strategy. When you can understand the personality and motivations of your customers, you have the opportunity to build a stronger connection with them. It will ultimately help define other aspects of your company, such as your brand identity, and strengthen your brand loyalty. In turn, you will see a boost in your business and sales growth, allowing you to dominate your market.