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5 Tips On Building Your Brand

1. Identify Yourself

The foundation of your brand starts with just that – you. Who are you? When building your brand, it’s important to first establish what the purpose is. Why are you here? Create a mission statement and consider how you want customers to benefit from what you have to offer for them. Your mission statement will allow customers to connect with you and resonate with your product. The mission should directly correlate to the vision. Outline your values and what defines your brand from its core. What do you care about? These factors are what makes you unique and adds to the reasons customers will remember and continue to choose your brand.

2. Define Your Customer

Another term to use for defining your customer is establishing a ‘target audience.’ What type of people will be interested in the brand? This is important to determine so that every aspect of the brand can have a specific appeal. Understanding who your target audience is affects the look, the tone, and the placement of your brand. A practice to help determine your audience is to create a buyer persona. Construct a fictional character – listing their demographics and psychographics – who will serve the purpose of outlining what a typical customer of yours would look and act like. You want your customers to create brand loyalty, so they continue to choose you. It’s key to understand WHO those people are so you can align your brand to their personalities and interests.

3. Develop a Brand Personality

The personality of your brand is how you want to present yourself. How do you want to be perceived? There are many directions you can choose to go with, but it needs to appeal to your desired audience and match up with your mission statement. The brand personality of an ice cream shop might be personable and friendly, while a phone repair shop would want to establish a more reliable and professional personality. You want to create consistency with your tone of voice and how you are expressing your message. Your brands personality and tone are traits that help you stick out from competition and create memorable interactions with your audience.

4. Choose your style

When choosing a style, the creative direction needs to be cohesive and relevant to all the other features of your brand. The visual assets allow you to choose which elements of color, typography, and imagery will work together to create proactive content. Your logo acts as the face of the brand, so keep it timeless and noteworthy while also showing off some of your personality. The style helps create a visually pleasing experience for the customer and should be easily recognizable. Brand recognition creates a connection with you and the audience. Creating a style guide will ensure consistency throughout your designs.

5. Create An Experience

An important take away from branding is that when it’s done correctly, it shapes an experience. These experiences will help your brand stay relevant and have people wanting to come back. From social media posts and website layout, to packaging design and customer interactions, the users’ experience with your brand is activated instantly. It’s your job to make sure your brand is being promoted and placed in areas that will leave an impact on the audience. Stay active with managing, updating, and engaging with your brand to ensure you are not only recognized and remembered, but also preferred.

6. Optional (Get Our Help)

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