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17 Tips for Great Web Design

Web design encompasses a lot. It’s not just how a website looks but also how it’s used and works. The design of a website means a lot to consumers. You can design your own website for your business, but sometimes it’s best to leave things to the professionals. There’s a lot to get wrong, and that can be scary. So, to help you out, here are 17 design tips to make it easier on you and a better experience for your audience

1. Focus on user experience

After all, they are the ones to impress. You want to keep their attention.

2. Approach the design from where you would interact with a site

Think about where visitors want to go, and give them easy ways to get there.

3. Design for mobile separately

Screen sizes can differ by quite a bit. Designing for mobile first ensures everything is sized and spaced attractively.

4. Clearly define Call-To-Action styles

Every Call-To-Action should be clearly identifiable on your website.

5. Clearly define brand styles

Make sure the website fits the brand. Colors, fonts, and other design choices should align with the brand.

6. Keep your homepage uncomplicated

Don’t overwhelm your audience. Give them some white space on the page.

7. Use visual hierarchy in the design

Use font sizes and colors wisely- guide visitors through the site with a visual hierarchy

8. Create easy-to-read content

Don’t inconvenience your audience by trying to be flashy. Make everything easy to read and access.

9. Consider navigation

Visitors won’t bother with a confusing, elaborate navigation style. The site should be as straightforward as possible.

10. Stay mobile-friendly

Most of your audience will look at your website on their phone. Check out our article on Why You Need A Mobile-Optimized Website (link).

11. Make loading speed a priority        

Convenience is key. Visitors will look for something faster if your site takes too long to load.

12. Reduce choices = improve conversions

Ever heard of Hick’s Law? Giving your audience too many choices will discourage them from choosing anything.

13. Avoid carousels, sliders, tabs, and accordions  

These design tools, while sometimes fun, don’t always accomplish what they’re intended to.

14. Prioritize scrolling over clicks

Scrolling is faster and more convenient for your audience.

15. Use pictures of people

People like to look at other people. So it’s a good idea to add natural-looking photos of humans on your site where you can. Stock images look too staged to be compelling

16. Mind the order of list items

Have you ever heard of the serial-position effect? It states that people are likelier to remember things at the beginning and end of a list. The stuff in the middle tends to be forgotten, so make sure you put the really important stuff first or last in your lists.

17. Use social proof to your advantage

 Reviews are meaningful, and word of mouth is powerful. That’s why Amazon shows reviews of the products they sell. Your visitors will be more inclined to use your business if they can see what other people have. Testimonials are great for websites.


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