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Grow Your Business Using Social Media To Share Important Updates With Customers.

Social Media Post Examples

Why Social Media Matters?

Reaching Potential Customers Where They Browse Is Important.

No matter the industry, a large portion of your audience visits their social media accounts daily. If competitors use social media, you want to be one step ahead. Professionally designed and posted social media updates ensure you stay visible to potential customers. So why does social media matter? 

  • Boost Traffic
  • Establish Your Brand
  • Reach a Larger Audience
  • Access to New Paid Advertising Services
  • Connect With Customers Any Time
  • Generate New Leads
Establishing a social media presence is easy. Our experts help you manage interactions, create engaging posts, and stay ahead of your competition. 

How Nuvo Helps You Dominate on Social

Our St. Louis-based team at Nuvo agency has been helping customers manage their digital presences since the early 2000s. We offer a full range of social media marketing services, including social media management and social media marketing (paid social media advertising). 

Our team manages social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, and Twitter more. Depending on your target market, we can also help you run social media ads on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

We have traditional and digital marketing experts, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to reach their target demographics. Our social media management strategies are carefully crafted to educate customers, stay relevant, and stay fun. 

Social media isn’t going away any time soon. We encourage all our customers to be active on social media to help engage and drive new traffic to their businesses. 

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Management

Facebook is one of the many social media profiles that we manage for clients across the United States. It can help drive traffic, build your reputation, and reach new customers.

Instagram Management

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for sharing projects, new products, information, and engaging with the younger demographic.

Brand Review

Before our team creates any social media posts we perform a brand review. This ensures that our social media posts and content are always on brand.

Social Media Content

Our social media management team works directly with clients to generate engaging content and graphics for social media campaigns.

Twitter Management

Twitter is a great way to engage with potential customers online. You can answer questions, provide valuable information, and comment on other users tweets.

Linkedin Management

LinkedIn is the best B2B networking tool available. If you sell products or services to other companies, this is where you want to be posting.

Paid Social Advertising

Almost all social media platforms offer some form of paid advertising. Compared to standard search ads, getting in front of potential clients is simpler and more cost effective.

Social Media Strategy

Our social media team knows what your audience cares about. We perform pre-campaign research to determine your audience and the best message to reach them.

Ready TO Launch on Social

We want to take the headaches out of managing your social media profiles. Build a partnership with our team and we will handle everything digital marketing.

Social Media Management

What Do Our Social Media Managers Do?

Our social media managers are experts in social media best practices and current trends. They constantly stay updated on the latest social media know-how and use this knowledge to help your business achieve your marketing goals. Here are a few of the tasks our social media managers perform regularly. 

  • Check metrics for user engagement, performance, and follower growth
  • Focus on branding and brand awareness
  • Create posting schedules 
  • Create custom graphics and content for your social media posts
  • Optimize content for user engagement
  • Engage with followers
Our social media team helps your business engage with new customers where they spend the most time.

How Do You Measure Results?

A critical aspect of social media management that is often overlooked is reporting. Our team uses a set of social media analytics tools that allow us to determine which social media strategy is the most effective. This includes looking at social channels, posting times, post types, and more. With our analytics tools, we can create custom reports for your business that give you insight into many aspects of your social media presence like:  

  • Is it worth it to keep posting on Pinterest?
  • What were our top posts on Facebook this year?
  • Should we post more frequently at night?
  • How many clicks to my website are coming from social media? 
  • What is my average post reach?
  • How many followers did I gain last quarter? 
Keeping up to date with social media analytics is important. Our tools allow us to optimize your social strategy at any time. 
Social Media Reporting

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